A number of things are difficult for me

Some children will struggle with lots of different aspects of communication, they may have unclear speech or difficulties talking; struggle to understand what people are saying or find it difficult to have conversations and interact with other people.

For some, language difficulties are their main or only difficulties, their other skills are ok and they have no additional difficulties. Sometimes these language difficulties can be very complex.

Others may have other needs in addition to their language difficulties, such as learning, physical or hearing difficulties. Children may use words to communicate or they may use other ways of speaking such as electronic communication aids, gestures and signs.

How children might struggle

They might have any combination of the following:

Difficulties talking:

  • Little or no speech
  • Speech that is unclear and difficult to understand
  • A stammer
  • Little or no use of words or sentences
  • Talking using very simple words or phrases

Difficulties understanding:

  • Little or no understanding of language
  • Difficulties making sense of what people say

Difficulties communicating:

  • Difficulties interacting socially with others
  • Unable to consider other peopls's point of view
  • Difficulties using body language and facial expressions

Where to go for more information

Click here for more information on supporting children with speech, language and communication needs.

Boy - Eyes Closed Boy - Eyes Open
  • For some children their main difficulties are with speech, language and communication
  • For some children their difficulties are linked with other conditions such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and physical difficulties