Understanding is difficult for me

When we listen to someone else speaking, we pay attention so that we remember what we've heard, we understand the words and sentences they've used and we know the meaning behind what they've said.

However, some children struggle to understand words and sentences.

How children might struggle

They might have difficulties with one or any combination of the following:

  1. Listening and paying attention as it's hard to listen when you dont understand lots of what's being said
  2. Understanding words and short sentences
  3. Understanding the specific meanings of words
  4. Understanding long or complicated sentences
  5. Understanding grammar - such as 'he' means a boy or man, or 'walked' is something that has already happened
  6. Understanding idioms such as 'keep your hair on'

Where to go for more information

Click here for more information on difficulties with understanding communication

Boy - Eyes Closed Boy - Eyes Open
  • For some children these difficulties with understanding are their main difficulties
  • For some children talking or communicating with others will be difficult too
  • For some children these difficulties with understanding are part of another condition (for example learning difficulties)